Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Canvas Material

We use a high quality of Museum-Grade Poly Canvas. It was a perfect blend of 35% Cotton and 65% Polyster that's make an extremely durable canvas and can be stretched over frames without cracking or tearing.

We also use the highest 410gsm canvas which means that it is the thickest canvas available in the market. One word to describe our canvas material is 
"It is simply THE BEST!

410gsm Museum-Grade Poly Canvas

Cotton Canvas
Poly Canvas

Polyester canvas is more smooth and shining than cotton canvas, 
it's more suitable for colourful images. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Split Canvas D' Arte Photo

Its time to split your photo to make it great!
Just email us your photo to canvastdarte@gmail.com or click here.
and we will make it for you for free!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Wrapping Option

A wrap on a canvas print refers to what wraps around the frame. The wrap is the canvas that wraps around the frame and will not be visible when viewing the image front on – but still visible on the sides. There are a variety of wrap options available for you canvas photo. Which wrap you choose depends a lot on your personal taste and the limitations of your photo. There are 3 most common wrap options available for your canvas print.

Gallery Wrap:
The gallery wrap is the most popular.  A gallery wrap is where the image continues around the sides of the canvas as shown below. When choosing a gallery wrap is it important that there is no important content on the sides of your photo as this part of the image will be wrapped around the sides of the frame and not visible from the front.
Gallery Wrap

Black or White Border:
A black or white border is where the whole image remains on the front of your canvas print and a single colour is used to wrap around the frame.  You can choose simply stylish black or white borders or you can select a colour from within the image – the choice is yours. 
Black Border
White Border

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Introduction of Canvas D' Arte Photo

What is Canvas Photo?
Canvas Photo takes your pictures and turns them into beautiful wrapped canvas prints. We use the highest quality printers and canvas to create canvas prints that will look amazing in your home.

Our Process
Our canvas printing artists take your uploaded photo and print it on thick, luxury canvas. Next the canvas is stretched around solid wrap bars and inspected for a quality wrap. 

Then the coating is applied in order to enhance the appearance and durability of the canvas. Last, a canvas artist will do a final inspection of your canvas print and package it properly to arrive at your home in perfect condition.

Our Philosophy
Our business depends on customers coming back and spreading the word about the quality of our canvas prints. In order to have that happen, we have to adhere to the best canvas printing practices so we impress each customer.

Our Craftsmanship
Every canvas print we make is considered a point of pride for us. We use the best materials and have top notch professional canvas printers do all of the work on your canvas.

Our Service
We are quick to respond and we listen to everything our customers say. Everyone says their customers come first. We prove it with our live chat service, our prompt responses to emails, and our dedication to having the best canvas prints available anywhere in the world.